Advancing Diversity in Construction with a Robust Inclusive TA Strategy

Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
day: Pre-Conference Focus Day: Diversity in Construction Workshop (2-5pm)


The aim of this workshop is to encourage construction TA leaders wanting to diversify their workforce to think outside the box. The afternoon will spotlight some of the most innovative strategies construction firms have implemented to reach and attract a diverse talent pool, followed by meaningful panel and table discussions to get beneath the skin of DE&I in construction recruitment. This deep-dive will leave you inspired with insights, connections and new ideas to advance diversity in your TA approach in your construction organization.

The three topics to be addressed include:  

  • Setting Your TA Teams Up for Success with Comprehensive Diversity Training to Streamline the Search to Hire Process Best practices and lessons learnt by the construction people leaders striving to diversify their workforces
  • Partnering with HR to Build a Positive Reputation Amongst your Talent Community How can talent leaders partner with HR to develop an EVP that both attracts and retains the top talent in the construction industry?
  • Tailoring Your Flexible Work Options to Meet the Needs of a Diverse Candidate Pool Utilizing effective flexible work strategy designed with the diverse needs of your construction workforce in mind