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National Construction Workforce (NCW)

National Construction Workforce (NCW) was founded 23 years ago to change the stigma surrounding staffing agencies. Our mission is to provide the brightest talent to the best companies across the country (and beyond). We give every client service that is noticeably different than what other staffing agencies offer. People come ­first in our business, and we care about ­finding solutions that benefit everyone involved: our clients, our candidates, and our workforce.


Higher Recruitment

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Trade Talent

Trade Talent is an AI-powered ATS built just for the construction industry and skilled trades recruiting.

Our powerful combination of AI-enabled recruiting and candidate management tools unlocks new recruiting opportunities, reduces your team's manual workload, and helps busy construction HR teams close their hiring gap.

We're revolutionizing recruiting for small and medium-sized construction companies by automating candidate sourcing, screening, and qualification - so you get qualified candidates faster.


New Trade Talent Logo

ApertureXI Technologies (AXI) specializes in boosting business efficiency through intelligent automation, analytics and compliance solutions. We integrate cutting-edge technology to streamline operations and exceed regulatory standards. This approach optimizes workflows, reduces errors, and meets high compliance standards, enabling businesses to rapidly scale and achieve their digital transformation goals.

We are dedicated to delivering the Fully Automated System, one where companies use integrated automation, combined with advanced analytics to grow revenue, lower operating expense and mitigate compliance risk. AXI offers leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions with a full suite of capabilities such as Mobile Forms, Process Mining, Task Automation, and Data Analytics to enable businesses to rapidly scale and achieve their digital transformation goals.